Book Your 1-2-1 Consultation Now With Andy O'Sullivan

Andy O'Sullivan is an international bestselling author, consultant and multi-award winning public speaking expert, who has written extensively on the subject of how to survive and thrive in the corporate world with effective public speaking and presentation skills. 

Your 1-2-1 session with Andy will help you to uncover the skills and secrets used by other highly successful speakers and presenters to captivate, inspire and motivate their audience.

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When Your Presentation Really Matters

If you have an important event coming up at which you have to speak, pitch or present, then booking your 1-2-1 consultation is a must for you!

Andy will work with you as you prepare your presentation, looking at content and delivery to ensure your speech is an outstanding success.

Prices start from just £599 per hour.

Important Update


Due to massive demand, we can now only accept bookings for private consultations with Andy O’Sullivan from 14th August 2017