A course created to ensure managers equip their teams with the skills and confidence to construct and deliver presentations.

Presentation Skills for Professionals

“A Bespoke Solution For Every Organisation with Full flexibility..."


Training course in Public Speaking and Presentations Skills can be delivered at your company offices.

In-house training provides you with a cost-effective and bespoke solution with the full flexibility of location, dates and times.

In-house training solution provides you with a cost-effective and bespoke solution with the flexibility of selecting the location, dates and times.

Each of the training courses will be customised to meet any challenges being experienced by the company or the attendees.

Attendees attending the training course will learn how to:-

√ Know and remove their fear of speaking in public
√ The 5 components of every professional presentation
√ Use the speaking area to emphasise key ideas
√ How to start a professional presentation to capture attention.
√ Complete a presentation so its points are remembered by colleagues & client
√ Feel confident when delivering presentations
√ Engage and interact with attendees

√ Effectively present and explain new ideas, procedures or processes
√ Structure of their speeches to suit the stakeholder subject experience
√ Become persuasive and influential
√ Use body language to build rapport with their audience
√ Construct their presentation so it’s clear and easy understood
√ Confidently deal with Q & A sessions 

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