Public Speaking 101

21 Simple Steps to Public Speaking Success!

Public Speaking Doesn't Need to be Scarey!

The idea of any kind of public speaking is enough to strike fear into most people.  Although it may be something you would prefer to avoid, public speaking is a skill worth developing as it has a massive influence on your career.

Success with Public Speaking

If you look at your colleagues, those who achieve the most success are those who seem to be fearless at public speaking. The people who speak up in meetings and deliver presentations are the very same people who are getting noticed, receiving the promotion and opportunities, plus the salary increases. 

Now it is your time to be the person creating and delivering those engaging presentations that will help with your career success as we cover how to prepare and deliver with confidence.

21 Ways to Public Speaking Success

  1. Select a subject that you have existing knowledge of, as this will be easier for you.

  2. Discover who will be listening to you and the expected number of people

  3. Know what they would like to hear on the subject and their level of existing knowledge.

  4. Start creating a script as soon as possible. You can never start too early.

  5. Rehearse out aloud.

  6. Get to know your content, rather than lean it word for word.

  7. Rehearse with any slides or props to simulate the live presentation.

  8. Record your rehearsals, then watch them back to see any areas of improvement.

  9. Aim to rehearse in the room in which the meeting is being held

  10. Create cue cards as a security blanket as this will remove concerns of forgetting your words.

  11. Add keywords to the cue cards as a prompt, rather than a script.

  12. Number the cards, just in case they get dropped or become muddled up.

  13. On the day of your presentation, pack your cue cards and any technology required.

  14. Arrive in the room early to allow time for any final arrangements.

  15. Test any technology being used is working as planned.

  16. Look out for any trip hazards you need to avoid when presenting such a power cable.

  17. Resist any temptation to change your presentation caused by public speaking anxiety.

  18. Deliver the opening lines of your presentation out aloud before attendees arrive to set your speaking volume.

  19. Chat to attendees as they arrive, as this can help reduce anxiety.

  20. Stand at the front of the room just before the meeting starts to see where people are sitting, as this helps you when first starting to speak.

  21. Remember, everyone in the meeting wants you to succeed!   

21 Simple Steps to Public Speaking Success - Follow, Implement and Speak in Public with Confidence!

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