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Public Speaking Mastery - Live!

How Do You Feel About Speaking in Public?

  • Do you feel stressed when speaking up in meetings or delivering a presentation in front of colleagues or clients?
  • Do you worry about looking silly in front of everyone, forgetting all of your words or being unable to answer any of their questions?
  • Do you suffer from a pounding heart, dry throat, butterflies in the stomach or sweaty palms before or even during your presentation?

  • Maybe you’ve now realised how growing your public speaking and presentation skills are so critical for your long term future success?

Public Speaking in Business

​Having the confidence to speak up in meetings, deliver a presentation or answer questions in public is your secret weapon when it comes to climbing the corporate ladder or winning that important new business deal.

Especially when you take into consideration the findings of a Florida University study.

They found people with this confidence earn approximately £18,000 more than those without.

Imagine where you’ll be in 6 months time once you get your nerves under control, gaining the confidence & skills to sky-rocket your salary.

Speak in Public With 100% Confidence

Taught by the author of the international best selling book on public speaking, Corporate Confidence, this live masterclass has been carefully constructed to give you all the skills you'll ever need to speak in public and deliver presentations. Here's just some of what you will pick up on the day:-

  • What causes your fear of public speaking.
  • How you make your nerves worse – it’s not your fault!
  • Creating a connection with effective eye contact.
  • Using the speaking area to reinforce your points.
  • A 5 step model to answer any question when put on the spot.
  • 1 thing you must know before writing a single word of your speech.
  • 7 common mistakes in presentations to avoid.

  • How to ace interview questions.
  • 5 components of every successful speech.
  • How to start a speech, getting everyone’s attention.
  • Discover when your speech really starts – it’s not when you think.
  • 5 ways to finish your speech so it’s remembered by colleagues & clients.
  • How to confidently create and deliver instant speeches – Guaranteed!
  • Plus so much more…

Speaking Success - Guaranteed!

Andy O'Sullivan - International Speaker
risk free public speaking

Now you have the chance to achieve success in your career and business by learning from one of the country's leading experts in public speaking and presentation skills.

You know it's far better to get help from someone who's been there and done it, rather than to get caught out by those touting techniques they’ve probably never used in real life or to woo any new clients.

You see, I’ve spent years - well into double figures, working at many of the country’s leading banks and financial institutions.

All the colossal experience gained in the giants of the corporate world has shown me exactly what you must now do in meetings, presentations and pitches.

As you now benefit from all this extensive experience and knowledge, it will guarantee you're the one who gets noticed, promoted and wins that all important new business.

Andy O'Sullivan

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Here's what just a few thought of the outstanding success they achieved.

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