The Top 7 Public Speaking Mistakes

Discover how you can now avoid the top 7 public speaking mistakes being made by other speakers and your colleagues.

Mistakes that are causing serious damage to their reputations and any chances of promotion.

7 Public Speaking Mistakes

√ Connect Instantly to Any Audience - Avoid alienating your audience in the first few seconds of your presentation

√Connect & Engage With Your Audience - Avoid distracting or boring body language

√Create Captivating PowerPoint Slides - Avoid common mistakes that result in slides people ignore

√Confidently Deliver Your Presentation - Avoid pitfalls that make you extremely nervous in the build-up to  a speech

√Convince  Clients and Colleagues - Avoid sabotaging your own presentation by having everyone tune out

√Come Across a Natural & Confident - Avoid ruining your own reputation and credibility with these simple powerful techniques

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