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Killing Your Online Public Speaking Fear

Killing Your Public Speaking Fear for Online Meetings

When attending online meetings at home, the same public speaking fear can be present as when we are at in-person events.  As you will, by preparing your space, knowing how to address the audience and being sure to not speak at an awkward moment, you can kill of the public speaking fear.

Where will you sit for your meeting? 
Consider what will be on view behind you and if you’d really want everyone attending the meeting to see it. 
A plain wall works best as it eliminates any distractions.

Choose a location that’s well lit to ensure other attendees can clearly see you.
Avoid having any noise or other sounds causing a distraction by finding a quiet location.
Reduce external sounds by closing doors & windows.

Dress appropriately for each meeting, as this will help you feel more confident, prepared & professional.
Be aware of what attendees will see if you stand up during the meeting to get something 😀
Save any potential distractions or embarrassment by letting everyone in your household know in advance that you are attending an online meeting.

Allow your laptop all the power required to process the demands of an online meeting by closing any applications that you won’t be using. Also close unused browser tabs, as each takes up valuable resources on your laptop. 

When sharing your screen or hosting any online presentation, close any unnecessary documents. Especially those that are confidential or private.

Check your tech! 
Arrive early to check your connection, sound and Webcam settings.
Know how to share your screen or slides if being used during the meeting.

Everyone can see you! When attending online meetings, you’re far more visible than during in-person events. Meeting attendees will notice when you’re looking away from the webcam to check your phone or being distracted by a family member or pet. Aim to keep all movement to a minimum.

Save any awkward or unwanted interruptions by setting your phone to silent and muting any alerts on your laptop. Mute your mic when not speaking in the meeting.

Direct your focus to look at the webcam when speaking, rather than the faces displayed on your screen. This gives each person the impression that you are talking directly to them. To maintain eye focus on the webcam when presenting, rather than having any notes to your side, place them in front of you or privately displayed on your screen.

When presenting online, attendees have many other distractions. Public speaking fear intensifies when the audience appears to be disinterested in as we are speaking. Increase your natural energy, enthusiasm and attendee engagement to maintain everyone's interest in your presentation

Public Speaking Fear

The people attending the meeting at which you are speaking will not know you are experiencing any public speaking fear, unless you tell them. Everyone will want you to succeed and be supportive.

By incorporating these strategies int your next online meeting, you will reduce your public speaking fear and start to see them as a practical alternative to meeting your colleagues and clients


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