We Feel Your Pain

We understand how painful it is to be inhibited by glossophobia or the fear of speaking in public

We felt the pain of not getting the rewards and recognition you deserve, while seeing your more confident, less experienced colleagues, getting the success and promotions.

We understand the agony of not being able to achieve your full potential because of your phobia of public speaking.

We also know how rewarding and liberating it is to lose your fear of speaking in public.

We believe that not a single person should ever be held back by their fear of speaking in public.

That's why we created the Academy of Public Speakers.

Our Philosophy

At the Academy of Public Speakers, we know you are a smart, competent professional who wants to progress rapidly in your career.

In order to achieve this, you need to confidently and clearly convey your ideas, opinions and thoughts to small or large groups in both online or offline meetings.

The problem is that the moment when you need to speak or present to an audience, your lack of public speaking confidence causes you to feel butterflies in your stomach and you hear the self-doubting voice in your head.

You shy away from opportunities to speak up and present.

You feel frustrated and stuck.

We are there to help!

How Does Our Training Work

Confidence is not a quality to have, it's an action to take.

The quickest way to overcoming your fear of public speaking is to attend a speaking class with a friendly, supportive audience, receive feedback from a presentation coach, and then speak again.

The more you repeat the process, the more confident you will become.

With decades of experience as a presentation coach, we have carefully designed each speaking class to ensure it is enjoyable, exciting and effective.

At each speech training session with a renowned presentation coach, along with a friendly, supportive audience, you have multiple opportunities to overcome your fear of speaking in public, while having lots of fun.

With our proven speech training public speaking lessons, you will soon be impressing your colleagues and management team with your confident, professional presentations and speeches.

Proven Path

How do you get involved and start your journey to public speaking confidence? Simple!

Step 1 - Book a Free Trial Session

See first hand exactly what the training is like and how it will help you. There is no obligation to speak and nothing to prepare in advance of joining us.

Step 2 - Schedule a Call

Chat with Andy or Brian to create a personal action plan to customise the training to suit your specific objectives and ensure you meet each of them.

Step 3 - Start Attending

Attend, implement your personal plan and receive rapid results.

Book a session now, so you too can stop being held back by your fear of public speaking.

Get your public speaking confidence, so you can speak up, stand out and achieve all the success you deserve with the Academy of Public Speakers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I gave my first presentation & was shocked by the feedback. People enjoyed listening to me, my boss said I owned the room and my presentation was well structured and logical. She would like me to do more presentations or facilitate sessions. I had to share and say thank you! 

Michelle Glossip

The Academy of Public Speakers do things differently to all the other groups out there. They focus on the activities that are most impactful. This results in you getting so much speaking time and receiving incredible value out of every session that you attend with them.

Ahmad Benguesmia

Thank you for all the amazing work and support you’ve given me over the past couple of months. I couldn't not have made it this far along in my public speaking journey without you. I really can’t thank you enough for the support and care that you’ve provided me.

Dor Barak

Here to Help

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