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Andy O'Sullivan,


Andy O'Sullivan is Keynote Speaker, Award Winning Mentor and an International Best-Selling Author of 5 Books on Public Speaking

When Andy first started his career, he always struggled to get his voice heard. As a shy introvert, he struggled to speak up in meetings and avoided the distress of ever delivering a presentation. The result? He became ‘invisible’, causing his corporate career progression to stall.

Frustrated at continually seeing his less experienced, more confident colleagues receiving the opportunities and promotions because of his fear of speaking in public, led Andy on a long but exciting journey to overcoming his fear of public speaking.

Today, Andy’s many international clients benefit from this journey and his extensive 25+ years experience. With Andy as their public speaking coach, they lose their phobia of public speaking, confidently speak up in meetings, deliver presentations and grow their impact in their organisations, and attain massive career success.

Brian Guo is a multi-award winning speaker, national speech contest finalist, and multi-award winning speaking mentor

Brian never expected to become a public speaking coach. When he moved from China to London, he had a poor grasp of English and had a fear of speaking in public.

By overcoming his fear of speaking in public, and growing his confidence, he has rapidly progressed into leadership positions, gaining experience in a wide range of roles, including researcher, data analyst, project manager and consultant.

Seeing the career success he achieved by speaking up in meetings and confidently delivering presentations, Brian started to help professionals who suffered from the same fear of public speaking.

Today, Brian is a sought-after presentation coach and mentor with specialised skills in helping non-native English speakers overcoming their fear of public speaking.

Brian Guo


What Our Clients Are Saying

For years I felt I had no voice.

Working with Andy and Brian has helped with finding my voice. Taking this step has had a far bigger impact on my life than I could ever have imagined was possible.

Ann Gash

I've been with the Academy of Public Speakers, and would highly recommend this to anyone

seeking help and support to overcome public

speaking anxiety, Andy and Brian are truly fantastic!

Lazer Levy

I had a lot of fear in public speaking and a friend recommended The Academy. I wish I had met Andy/Brian years ago. Their tips and technics are brilliant. Highly recommend you check it out 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Vanessa Rowan

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