Crush Your Fear of Public Speaking - Speak up, Stand Out and Achieve More Career Success

Weekly In-Person Public Speaking Training

Public Speaking Classes in London

Overcome Your Fear of Public Speaking to Confidently Speak Up in Meetings, Lead Discussions and Deliver Presentations

You just need some practice and coaching to uncover your confidence. You will be surprised how fast you improve

Announcing a unique programme of public speaking classes in London that will ensure you rapidly conquer all of your public speaking fears and worries, to skyrocket your confidence and career success!

Public Speaking Classes in London

Just as you can’t learn how to ride a bike by watching videos, reading books or admiring those who can, you also cannot grow your public speaking confidence by doing these same things.

This is why our rapid results public speaking classes are designed to provide a customised training around you.

It is where you will discover how to speak in public with confidence, then practise your new skills within a friendly, supportive community.

Rapid Results Public Speaking Classes in London That Get RESULTS

We Have Experienced Public Speaking Fear

We know what is feels like to dread speaking up in company meetings

We've sat in courses, rehearsing our own name for the introductions

We've let our more confident colleagues share our work and receive all the credit

We've been worried for weeks about delivering a presentation

That's Why We Can Help YOU Lose Your Fears and Get Cast-Iron Confidence!

We Work With Professionals From

We Work With Professionals From

We Work With Professionals From

We Work With Professionals From


Why the Academy of Public Speakers?

You just need some practice and coaching to uncover your confidence. You will be surprised how fast you improve.

Friendly, Encouraging Community

With the friendly, informal atmosphere of our events, along with everyone’s support and encouragement, you will soon feel comfortable to speak in public and grow your confidence.

Supporting Your Success

Your public speaking confidence comes from seeing how you can do it… successfully speaking in public. At each training event, you will have multiply opportunity to speak in public to 18+ new friends. Growing your confidence each time, as you will succeed.

Light-hearted and Lively

You recall all of those dull work courses and meetings you have attended? We are the complete opposite! With a lively, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, you will feel ready to take part in the training that is tailored to you.

Professional Training & Support

Just as you can’t go from a couch potato to fit and muscular in a day (sadly..), you also can’t go from fearing public speaking to being confident in a weekend. This is why we provide you with weekly opportunities to progressively grow your confidence and develop your skills in a way that provides you with lasting results.

Lifelong Skills and Confidence

You will rapidly overcome your fear of public speaking to sky-rocket your career success by always confidently speaking up in meetings, leading discussions and delivering presentations.

Experts who Care

Brian and Andy are dedicated to your success, with every part of the training created with YOU in mind. This dedication ensures you will speak, succeed, and grow every week.

Meet The Mentors

Brian Guo

Multi-award Winning Speaker

National Speech Contest Finalist

Multi-award Winning speaking mentor

With poor English, little confidence and a fear of speaking in public,

Brian struggled to when he arrived in England. What changed

for Brian that led to his success?

Andy O'Sullivan

Keynote Speaker

Award Winning Mentor

International Best-Selling Author of 5 Books on Public Speaking

Andy disliked being the centre of attention, so always found it difficult to share his ideas in meetings and hated the idea of any public speaking, which had a massive impact on his career progression.

Tired Of Sitting Silent In Meetings, While Your More Confident Colleagues Speak Up, Receive All the Credit and Career Boosting Opportunities?

You are weeks away from being the confident public speaker who gets noticed, promoted, and rewarded

Influence and Impress

Never again worry about presentations. Confidently deliver presentations that engage and influence

Nail Q & As and Interviews

Give confident, concise and clear answers to any question, even those that are awkward, tricky or challenging

Speak Up & Stand Out

Fearlessly speak up in meetings, sharing your thoughts & ideas or ask questions with certainty

Get Noticed and Rewarded

Impress your peers & managers with incredible presentations. Receive the promotion you deserve

Here to Help

Get in touch with your questions on how we can help with your public speaking success


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