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Are You Held Back

By Your Fear

of Speaking in Public?

Do you have butterflies in the stomach when presenting?

Do you fluster in Q & As and Interviews?

Do you always avoid giving presentations?

Do you feel you are invisible at work?

Have you done all the hard work and never received the recognition?

How many promotion opportunities has your fear cost you?

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking

Influence and Impress

Never again worry about presentations. Confidently deliver presentations that engage and influence

Nail Q & As and Interviews

Give confident, concise and clear answers to any question, even those that are awkward, tricky or challenging

Speak Up & Stand Out

Fearlessly speak up in meetings, sharing your thoughts & ideas or ask questions with certainty

Get Noticed and Rewarded

Impress your peers & managers with incredible presentations. Receive the promotion you deserve

Meet The Mentors

Andy O'Sullivan

Keynote Speaker

Award Winning Mentor

International Best-Selling Author of 5 Books on Public Speaking

Andy disliked being the centre of attention, so always found it difficult to share his ideas in meetings and hated the idea of any public speaking, which had a massive impact on his career progression.

Brian Guo

Multi-award Winning Speaker

National Speech Contest Finalist

Multi-award Winning speaking mentor

With poor English, little confidence and a fear of speaking in public,

Brian struggled to when he arrived in England. What changed

for Brian that led to his success?

We Work With Clients From

Public Speaking Lessons

You just need some practice and coaching to uncover your confidence.

You will be surprised how fast you improve.

We know what it feels like being held back in your career by a fear of public speaking and losing out on many valuable opportunities.

That feeling inside when you would like to speak up, but worry how everyone in the meeting may judge or criticise you

The frustration of watching those who have more confidence saying what you were thinking, then receiving the praise, recognition and opportunities.

This was a situation we both experienced when attending meetings and why we are determined to help you beat your public speaking fears and get the career success you deserve.

Our clients include financial analysts, consultants, accountants, developers, project managers, lawyers, doctors and Phd students, etc. Smart, ambitious and competent professionals, just like you.

What Our Clients Are Saying

This is exactly what you need if you want to begin your journey as a public speaker and grow your confidence.

Gvidas Venckaitis

The academy transformed my life! Developing my speaking skills and building my confidence. Highly recommended!

Liudmila Tsyrenzhapova

When I speak in front of people, I can handle it better now using all I learned from the Academy of Public Speakers.

Yuko Suzuki

The Academy of Public Speakers is THE place to go to if you want to overcome that fear of public speaking!

Malcolm Heartman

The coach was very friendly with a really good teaching manner.

I managed to overcome my fear of public speaking.

Teresa Martin

Great speaking club and place to improve speaking skills + confidence.

Hosts are friendly, thoughtful.

Ahmad Benguesmia

3 Simple Steps to Success to Remove Any Phobia of Public Speaking

Step 1

Join a Session

Come along to a session, pick up practical public speaking knowledge as you see how the training works

Step 2

Create a Plan

We will create your personal public speaking success plan, with what you will achieve with our renowned system

Step 3

Get Results

You are guaranteed to see immediate results as both your confidence and public speaking skills rapidly develop

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