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In-Person Public Speaking Training

Our Signature 12-Week Public Speaking Course

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Finding your inner confidence by working in person alongside like-minded professionals is the only way to overcome your fear of public speaking. Designed by those who have experienced these fears, the Academy of Public Speakers  12-week in-person public speaking course is curated to help you overcome professional and personal anxieties. 

Starting with a one-week free trial, we’ll work with you to design a confidence-building plan as you gain access to our extensive knowledge base and exclusive coaching sessions. The Academy of Public Speakers focuses on an experience before commitment approach, ensuring you feel comfortable with the upcoming training before committing to the 12-week public speaking course.

In-Person Public Speaking Training Course Details


12 consecutive weeks (with flexible rescheduling)


Every Tuesday or Wednesday from 6.30pm to 8pm


King Cross, Central London


20+ Participants


3 instalments of £399

Key Benefits of Our In-Person Public Speaking Coaching

Overcome Anxiety: Discover Techniques to Conquer Your Public Speaking Fears and Develop Your Confidence

Public speaking anxiety is a common hurdle that many individuals face, but it doesn't have to be a roadblock to your success.


Our tailored in-person training programs are designed to help you overcome anxiety and build the confidence needed to deliver impactful speeches.

Gain insights into the root causes of public speaking anxiety. By understanding the underlying factors, you can address them more effectively and develop strategies to manage nervousness

Effective Communication: Articulate Your Thoughts Clearly and Confidently When Under Pressure.

Uncovering your ability for effective communication is a crucial skill that can significantly influence your journey towards personal and professional success. 

At the Academy Of Public Speakers, you will gain access to practical techniques designed to enhance your communication skills.


These methods will empower you to express yourself more concisely and confidently, whether in meetings, discussions, presentations or any other professional setting where clear communication is essential.

Engaging Presentations: Skills For Confidently Delivering Presentations and Speaking Up in Meetings

Learning to give presentations that are communicated effectively and captivate your audience is a crucial skill that can distinguish you in numerous professional and personal environments.

By participating in our comprehensive 12-week in-person public speaking training, you’ll acquire practical techniques that will empower you to confidently address an audience, articulating your thoughts and ideas clearly and persuasively, ensuring your message resonates and is comprehended by your listeners.

The success that's being achieved at our public speaking class

Paulina Proaño Aldás

"I highly recommend this amazing, supportive community overcome your fears with a clear, structured method."

Yuko Suzuki

"When I speak in front of people, I can handle it better now using all I learned from the Academy of Public Speakers."

Building Confidence: Overcome Your Inner Fears

If you’re ready to embark on a transformative journey to overcome your inner fears and build life-long confidence, then our fear of public speaking in-person courses are designed for you and other like-minded professionals who are terrified of public speaking but aspire to become confident speakers.


Find your inner confidence through hands-on learning and one-to-one coaching as part of our weekly public speaking classes.

Professional Public Speaking Classes In London

How Do Our Classes Work?

Dedicated to helping professionals throughout London overcome their fears and find their inner confidence, the Academy of Public Speakers offers our exclusive weekly in-person public speaking coaching through the use of individually tailored programmes led by people who have conquered their own fears of public speaking.

Learning in an open and supportive environment, you’ll work to gain the confidence to begin speaking up during meetings, delivering presentations and building your effective communication skills.

Working in group and independent environments, you’ll be able to practise your newly developed skills in various settings. Focusing on the aspects of your public speaking fear you struggle with most, over our 12-week public speaking course, you will uncover the skills that benefit you professionally and personally.


Uncover a range of skills including:

  • Presentation Structuring

  • Storytelling

  • Use of Body Language

  • Voice Modulation

  • Audience Engagement

  • Persuasive Speaking

  • Handling Q&A Sessions

  • Using Visual Aids

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