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Uncover your
to speak up

Weekly public speaking classes in London to help you speak up, stand out and achieve more career success

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Scared of public speaking?

Avoid giving presentations?

How many opportunities have you missed to showcase your expertise?

Avoid speaking up in meetings?

How many times are you overshadowed by confident colleagues?

Avoid leading discussions?

How many times are you overlooked for leadership positions?

The London 
public speaking class to conquer your fear


Learn from the experts

Learn proven techniques to build your confidence and skills from experienced instructors, with 1-2-1 coaching sessions


Personalised learning

Beat your fears with personalised coaching and training that ensures long-lasting public speaking confidence


Practical Experience

Access our weekly public speaking class that emphasises hands-on learning, providing you with ample opportunities for practice


Friendly Environment

Thrive in a friendly and supportive environment where you can comfortably practice speaking and receive constructive feedback

We know how it feels

We used to face the challenges of public speaking fear. We avoided opportunities to speak up in meetings, deliver presentations, and lead discussions and saw its damaging effects on our careers.

We've been there

We've experienced the transformative journey of building our public speaking confidence and witnessed its fantastic effect on our professional success.

We're here to help

That's why our passion lies in helping you overcome your public speaking fears, enabling you to develop the confidence to fulfil your career potential. 

We work with professionals from companies like...

The Guardian
Grant Thornton

The success that's being achieved at our public speaking class

Paulina Proaño Aldás

"I highly recommend this amazing, supportive community overcome your fears with a clear, structured method."

Yuko Suzuki

"When I speak in front of people, I can handle it better now using all I learned from the Academy of Public Speakers."

Steps toward public speaking confidence
Remove your fear of public speaking


Try a free class

Book a free class and pick up practical techniques to overcome your public speaking fear.


Book a free coaching session

Create your personalised public speaking success action plan with a free 1-2-1 coaching session.


Start your journey

Implement your personalised training plan to rapidly develop your public speaking confidence

Transform your communication skills and 
confidence with our public speaking classes

At the Academy of Public Speakers, we know you are an ambitious professional striving to become a confident, assertive leader in your field. The kind of person who fearlessly takes on challenges and inspires others with their voice.

In order to be that person, you need the confidence to articulate your thoughts and ideas in public. The problem is, when faced with public speaking, you experience anxiety, fear, or even panic, which makes you feel frustrated, anxious, and sometimes even angry at yourself.

We used to feel that fear, and we believe it's unfair for you to be held back, particularly if you are an introvert or a shy genius. We understand the suffocating feeling of being constrained by your public speaking anxiety. That's why we developed our personalised coaching program and our interactive public speaking class to ensure you build long last public speaking confidence.


Here's how it works: Take the first step and book a free public speaking class now. Embark on a transformative journey with us, so you can stop being held back by your fear of public speaking and start becoming the confident, captivating public speaker you've always admired.

Here to Help

Get in touch with your questions on how we can help with your public speaking success


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