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Personalised One-To-One Public Speaking Coaching

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1-2-1 Expert Public Speaking Coach

Are you ready to take the first steps towards overcoming your fear of public speaking but still struggle with group settings? Our personalised one-to-one public speaking coaching offers individual sessions to professionals who require more independent mentoring to develop self-assurance and grow their inner confidence.

Our personalised one-to-one coaching will empower you to engage audiences, lead discussions, and drive impactful outcomes through confident communication skills.

Individualised Public Speaking Training

Confidence Boost: Seize Public Speaking Opportunities with Self-Belief

Our one-to-one public speaking coaching program involves uncovering confidence in individual professionals, empowering you to seize opportunities with newfound self-belief during meetings and public engagements. 

The tailored approach we adopt focuses on the mechanics of public speaking and cultivating a deep sense of assurance.


This approach ensures you not only overcome your fear of public speaking but also carry a strong foundation of self-confidence, contributing to a lifelong poised and conviction-backed communication style.

Engaging Presentations: Techniques For Confident Delivery

The ability to deliver well-communicated and engaging presentations is a valuable skill that can distinguish you in both professional and personal spheres.


As part of our one-to-one public speaking training, you’ll acquire techniques that empower you to approach any audience with confidence, poise, and self-assurance.


Learn to express your thoughts and opinions openly, ensuring your message is effectively understood and leaving a lasting impact, while developing a more persuasive, impactful and confident  communication style.

Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety: Understanding The Psychology

Fear and anxiety in public speaking can be significant hurdles, impacting career advancement, leadership opportunities, and overall professional effectiveness.

Our tailored public speaking courses are designed to unravel the psychological aspects of these challenges, providing insights and strategies to help you conquer fear and anxiety, and to communicate effectively.

Find the confidence needed for career growth through a comprehensive understanding of the psychology of trust associated with public speaking fears, and learn to harness it positively.

The success that's being achieved at our public speaking class

Paulina Proaño Aldás

"I highly recommend this amazing, supportive community overcome your fears with a clear, structured method."

Yuko Suzuki

"When I speak in front of people, I can handle it better now using all I learned from the Academy of Public Speakers."

One-To-One Public Speaking Coaching

Tailored Coaching For Exceptional Results

At the Academy Of Public Speakers, our coaching philosophy centres around individualised training sessions, designed to address your unique needs. This personalised approach allows us to work together to overcome specific challenges and amplify your individual speaking strengths, ensuring a transformative and tailored experience.

Our coaches, with over 20 years of experience, provide relevant and impactful advice. This personalised one-to-one mentorship ensures that at your own pace, you are able to overcome your fears and embrace confidence in both your professional and personal life.

To ensure you are able to practise these skills, we utilise practical application training and real-world experiences.


Once you’re ready, you will engage in hands-on speaking exercises and address real audiences in a supportive environment.


This immersive approach allows you to apply your new knowledge in practical scenarios, honing your skills through real-world experiences whilst receiving constructive feedback.

For both online and in-person

programmes, we offer flexible scheduling; choose from a range of duration options, including intensive short courses and extended mentoring programs, aligned with your schedule and goals. For a collaborative learning experience, our group workshops and networking opportunities provide a platform to build skills while expanding your professional network. 

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Overcome Your Fears With London's Premier Public Speaking Classes

With personalised one-on-one public speaking coaching in London, we’ll help you on your journey to speak up, stand out, and achieve success in your career.

Have any questions about our public speech classes or how the Academy Of Public Speakers can help you overcome fear and find your inner confidence throughout your everyday life? Reach out to us below; we’ll happily answer any queries you may have.

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