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Tips to Conquer Public Speaking Anxiety

It's common to experience public speaking anxiety, even for those well-versed in speaking in meetings or delivering presentations. If you're seeking public speaking anxiety tips to help you feel more confident, you've come to the right place.

Public Speaking Anxiety Tips

Understanding Public Speaking Anxiety

Many of us, including myself, have felt the terror of public speaking anxiety, sometimes even weeks before a presentation. This stress and apprehension can make the experience even more challenging.

Have you ever wondered why we experience public speaking anxiety symptoms long before the actual speaking event?

Our minds become consumed with "what if" questions when the event is possibly weeks away:

  • What if I forget my words?

  • What if they know more than me?

  • What if I stumble over my words?

Such questions only add to our anxiety and generate unneeded stress.

Shifting Focus: From Self to Audience

We need to redirect our focus from ourselves towards our audience. Having a cycle of self-focused questions in the lead-up to speaking in public is normal but is not helpful to us. This self-focused mindset will only heighten our fears.

Let's adopt a new perspective. Consider this analogy: imagine you're organising a party for your friends next week. Your thoughts will naturally revolve around ensuring your guests enjoy themselves as you plan the party. You will think about their dietary preferences, curate a playlist, and brainstorm ways to make the evening enjoyable for them.

You don't obsess over whether you'll have fun or like the food; your primary concern is creating a positive experience for your guests. Likewise, in public speaking, shift your attention to your audience. Consider how you can best serve the audience and provide value.

Adding Value to Reduce Your Public Speaking Anxiety

What do you want your audience to gain from your presentation?

How can you help them with their understanding of your subject?

What would add value to them? Focusing externally on the audience will gradually reduce your public speaking anxiety.

Public Speaking Anxiety Tips for Confidence

Remember, overcoming public speaking anxiety and becoming a confident speaker starts with focusing on your audience's needs. By incorporating these public speaking anxiety tips into your mindset, you'll feel more at ease and reduce stress during presentations or public speaking engagements. Let go of self-centred concerns and embrace the opportunity to engage and connect with your audience.


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