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The ultimate London
public speaking class

Boost your confidence and communication skills with our exceptional London public speaking class, meticulously crafted and delivered by two leading experts in the field. 

Our comprehensive public speaking class offers a unique blend of practical exercises and theoretical knowledge tailored to help you overcome the fear of public speaking and excel in professional settings. 

From meeting confidence to captivating audiences during presentations, our renowned experts will guide you every step of the way. 

Take advantage of this opportunity to transform your public speaking abilities and boost your confidence with the guidance of our distinguished specialists.

Meet The Mentors

Brian Guo

Multi-Award Winning Speaker

National Speech Contest Finalist

Presentation Mentor 

International Speaker 

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Brian never imagined he'd become a public speaking coach. Moving from China to London, he struggled with English and had a paralysing fear of public speaking.

As Brian conquered his public speaking anxiety and gained confidence, he rapidly advanced into leadership roles as a researcher, data analyst, project manager, and consultant.

Realising how overcoming his fear of speaking up in meetings and delivering confident presentations had propelled his career, Brian felt compelled to help other professionals facing similar struggles.

Now, Brian is a highly sought-after presentation coach and mentor, specialising in assisting non-native English speakers in overcoming their public speaking fears and finding their voice.

Join his public speaking class in London to find your voice and transform your career.

When Andy first began his career, he always struggled to get his voice heard. As a shy introvert, he hesitated to speak up in meetings and dreaded even the thought of delivering presentations.

The result?


He became ‘invisible’, causing his corporate career progression to stall.

Feeling frustrated as he watched his less experienced but more confident colleagues receive opportunities and promotions, Andy embarked on a long yet rewarding journey to overcome his fear of public speaking.

Today, Andy’s many international clients benefit from this journey and his extensive 25+ years of experience. 

With Andy as their public speaking coach and attending his London public speaking class, they conquer their public speaking phobia, confidently participate in meetings, deliver presentations, and achieve remarkable career success.

Andy O'Sullivan - Transparent Background_edited.png
Andy O'Sullivan

Keynote Speaker

Award Winning Mentor

International Best-Selling Author of 5 Books on Public Speaking

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